1960s Couples

It’s been a while, but I’m back with some new equipment to speed up my photo scanning process. I recently purchased a Brother DSmobile 620 portable scanner that zips pictures through in seconds and saves them to their own file. I scanned each of the pictures in this post with it and it did a pretty good job.

Each of these couples were married in the 1960s. Check out the frame on the first one!

Dennis and Marie - 1965? {}

Dennis and Marie – 1965?

Diane and Ralph - 1967 {}

Diane and Ralph – 1967


Josephine and Donald - 1967 {}

Josephine and Donald – 1967


Margaret and Rob - April 19, 1969 {}

Margaret and Rob – April 19, 1969


Dorothy & Charles – July 8th, 1942

Going through a stack of photos this afternoon, I found this lovely couple, Dorothy E. Beebe and Charles W. Wilson, who would be celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary today.

Dorothy and Charles - 1942 {}

Dorothy and Charles - July 8th, 1942 {}

Dorothy and Charles - July 8th, 1942 {}



Five 50s Photos

Hi all, following on the heels of Don & Pat, today I’m bringing you five more photos from the fabulous fifties:

Peggy and Jerry 1951 {}

Peggy and Jerry – 1951

Marietta and Ben 1953 {}

Marietta and Ben – 1953


Barbara and Douglas - May 1954 {}

Barbara and Douglas – May 1954

Dottie and Tony - October 6, 1955{}

Dottie and Tony – October 6, 1955

Harry and Kathy - 1958 {}

Harry and Kathy – 1958


Don & Pat – 1954

The photos of this couple have been hanging out on my desk for a while. What a stylish 1950s pair they are! They would be celebrating their 61st anniversary sometime this month.

Don & Pat - February 1954 {}

Don & Pat Hendrickson February 1954

Don & Pat - February 1954 {}





Wartime Couple – 1910s

Here are several photos of what appear to be a World War I US Army officer and his bride. I love the interior shot with the dog sitting on the rug at the bride’s feet. The exterior shots European to me…wish I could say for sure but there isn’t any identifying information. Gorgeous, nonetheless!

WWI Bride 1910s {}  WWI Couple 1910s {}

WWI Couple 1910s {}


John and Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Negatives Up For Auction

A set of never before seen negatives from John and Jackie Kennedy’s 1953 wedding was recently found stashed in a darkroom by family members of their back-up wedding photographer. The negatives are up for auction until October 15th and at my last check they were going for $3141.

What an incredible find and rare chance to own a beautiful piece of American history.

Collection of Never Before Seen JFK Wedding Negatives - RR Auction {}

Photo Credit: RR Auction


Larry & Dana – August 19, 1967

Today’s anniversary post is of my parents!  They were married August 19, 1967 at Christ Lutheran Church in Waterford, MI.

I’m embarrassed to say that the only digital copies I have of their wedding photos are some I took on my phone a while ago. Please excuse the graininess and general terrible quality of these until I can do a bit more thorough job with them.

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {}

My mom was not a bespectacled bride even though she wears glasses (this must run in the family. I’ve worn glasses since I was nine years old but I got contacts for my wedding day) so I can’t tag for that but my dad was a bespectacled groom! Love those sixties frames, Dad!

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {}

Just Married!

I just noticed that there’s an Oakland University sticker in the rear window. Both of my parents (and my own) alma mater. Go Grizzlies…err…Pioneers!

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {}

The original location for the reception was just finishing construction but wasn’t quite ready yet. So at the last minute they ended up at a tiny place called the Iraqi Grotto. I have to say – this sounds amazing on wedding invitations.

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {}

The bridesmaids in rainbow pastels.
Left to right – My mom’s friends Grace Ann and Rusty and her sister Jill.

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {}

My mom’s parents Leonard and Marian. Ah, I love this picture! My mom says my grandma looks like Phyllis Diller in it. Hilarious.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Love you!


Rod & Sophie 1940s Reception

Rod & Sophie - 1940s Detroit Wedding Reception at Home {}

I came across this single photo amongst a basket of  paper ephemera at a local antique store sale a couple of weeks ago. The candid pose of the couple, the cake, and the table spread of a reception at home instantly drew me to it. But of course, it had no identifying information. I looked through the rest of the papers it was with but didn’t find anything to help me out. After picking around the rest of the tent, I finally made my way up to pay for it. Initially, the clerk seemed confused as to why I would want a single torn wedding photo but offered that he knew who the couple was (I was delighted). He mentioned that they had lived in the area and the husband, Rod Rieser, had been a photographer for the Detroit Times (I was even more delighted!).

I later discovered that beyond his work at the Times (a Hearst newspaper that was sold to the rival Detroit News in 1960) he was a freelance photographer who had his work featured in Life magazine. He was also a founding member of the Detroit Press Club. In the early 1990s a retrospective of his work that featured photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, and Jackie Gleason, among others was exhibited in the lobby of the Fisher Building in Detroit. I’m so pleased to be able to share a photo of a fellow photographer here on my blog dedicated to wedding photography!



Leonard & Marian – July 22nd 1944 (Part II)

As promised, here are several of the snapshot photos of my grandparents on their wedding day outside of St. Mark’s Evangelical Church in Detroit (now Grace Assembly of God).

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Leonard & Marian - July 22, 1944 {}

My grandma and grandpa – Just Married!

My grandpa looks so happy in this photo. He loved my grandma so much. Until the end of his life he kept a Valentine’s Day card he had sent to her in February ’44 before they were married in the top drawer of his dresser. He missed her terribly.

Leonard & Marian - July 22, 1944 {}

My grandparents and great-grandparents from left to right: Leonard’s parents, Louis and Julia, Marian and Leonard, Marian’s parents Dorothy and Arthur.

Leonard & Marian - July 22, 1944 {}

My grandparents with my grandma’s parents, Dorothy and Arthur.

Gerrie & Freddy - Wedding Attendants July 22, 1944 {}

My grandma’s younger sister Gerrie, the maid of honor, and their cousin Freddy, a groomsman in the wedding.



Leonard & Marian – July 22nd 1944

Today I’m honoring a very special couple on the blog – my grandparents Leonard and Marian. Although they are no longer with us,  this would have been their 70th wedding anniversary. They were able to celebrate 60 years together before my gram passed away in 2005.

One of my favorite memories of time spent at their house, among so many that I can’t even begin to count, is of looking through their boxes and albums of family photos. I would always reach for their formal wedding portraits in the large foldable stands first. I was in awe of my gram’s beautiful dress (in fact, she borrowed it from her sister-in-law Isabelle who was a bridesmaid in her wedding) swirling veil and bouquet.

They were married while my grandpa was home from leave from Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland during World War II.

Leonard & Marian - July 22, 1944 {}

Leonard & Marian - July 22, 1944 {}

Leonard & Marian - July 22, 1944 {}

Attendants from left to right: My grandma’s sister Geraldine (Gerrie), my grandpa’s brother George, George’s wife Isabelle and my grandma’s cousin Freddy.

Their professional photos were taken by Bonish Studios in Detroit.

Bonish Studio Detroit, MI {}

My mom is on assignment to find some of the snapshots from their wedding day, so look out for those coming up later this week.