60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos – 1960s

Buzzfeed DIY did a feature this week on 60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From the 60s.

60 Photos! I had a few favorites:

#19 – This bridesmaid, her headpiece, and the expression on her face.
#19 Flickr: southbeachcars {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: southbeachcars via Buzzfeed


#45 – This electric couple.
#45 Flickr: ion_chibzii {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: ion_chibzii via Buzzfeed


#47 – This stunning Jackie Kennedy bride.
#47 Flickr: rbglasson {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: rbglasson via Buzzfeed


#54 The Hats!
#54 Flickr: harcourt {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: harcourt via Buzzfeed

They are all really worth a look!

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