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1960s Couples

It’s been a while, but I’m back with some new equipment to speed up my photo scanning process. I recently purchased a Brother DSmobile 620 portable scanner that zips pictures through in seconds and saves them to their own file. I scanned each of the pictures in this post with it and it did a pretty good job.

Each of these couples were married in the 1960s. Check out the frame on the first one!

Dennis and Marie - 1965? {TheySaidIDo.com}

Dennis and Marie – 1965?

Diane and Ralph - 1967 {TheySaidIDo.com}

Diane and Ralph – 1967


Josephine and Donald - 1967 {TheySaidIDo.com}

Josephine and Donald – 1967


Margaret and Rob - April 19, 1969 {TheySaidIDo.com}

Margaret and Rob – April 19, 1969


Larry & Dana – August 19, 1967

Today’s anniversary post is of my parents!  They were married August 19, 1967 at Christ Lutheran Church in Waterford, MI.

I’m embarrassed to say that the only digital copies I have of their wedding photos are some I took on my phone a while ago. Please excuse the graininess and general terrible quality of these until I can do a bit more thorough job with them.

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {TheySaidIDo.com}

My mom was not a bespectacled bride even though she wears glasses (this must run in the family. I’ve worn glasses since I was nine years old but I got contacts for my wedding day) so I can’t tag for that but my dad was a bespectacled groom! Love those sixties frames, Dad!

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {TheySaidIDo.com}

Just Married!

I just noticed that there’s an Oakland University sticker in the rear window. Both of my parents (and my own) alma mater. Go Grizzlies…err…Pioneers!

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {TheySaidIDo.com}

The original location for the reception was just finishing construction but wasn’t quite ready yet. So at the last minute they ended up at a tiny place called the Iraqi Grotto. I have to say – this sounds amazing on wedding invitations.

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {TheySaidIDo.com}

The bridesmaids in rainbow pastels.
Left to right – My mom’s friends Grace Ann and Rusty and her sister Jill.

Larry & Dana - 1967 Bridesmaids {TheySaidIDo.com}

My mom’s parents Leonard and Marian. Ah, I love this picture! My mom says my grandma looks like Phyllis Diller in it. Hilarious.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Love you!


1960s Couples

Tonight I have two unidentified couples from the 60s:

The first bride looks very Elizabeth Taylor; except distinctly more like her look from her 1950 marriage to Conrad Hilton than her 1964 marriage to Richard Burton (Liz had moved on to yellow by her fifth wedding).

September 1962 Couple {TheySaidIDo.com}

September 1962

The second bride has a bit of a Joan Holloway/Christina Hendricks look about her. Yes? No? Maybe I’m just having Mad Men withdrawls…

After you get past that veil, take a look at the button detail on her sleeves. Lovely.

July 1963 Couple {TheySaidIDo.com}

July 1963


1962 Reception

I love the pillbox hat with veil, the fiesta-like crepe banner and the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets used as table decor at this April 23rd, 1962 wedding reception.

Wedding Reception - April 23, 1962 {TheySaidIDo.com}

The bride and groom cut the cake - April 23, 1962 {TheySaidIDo.com}


60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos – 1960s

Buzzfeed DIY did a feature this week on 60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From the 60s.

60 Photos! I had a few favorites:

#19 – This bridesmaid, her headpiece, and the expression on her face.
#19 Flickr: southbeachcars {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: southbeachcars via Buzzfeed


#45 – This electric couple.
#45 Flickr: ion_chibzii {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: ion_chibzii via Buzzfeed


#47 – This stunning Jackie Kennedy bride.
#47 Flickr: rbglasson {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: rbglasson via Buzzfeed


#54 The Hats!
#54 Flickr: harcourt {TheySaidIDo.com}
source: harcourt via Buzzfeed

They are all really worth a look!


June Bride – 1960

Another bespectacled bride – this time from the 1960s. Are you seeing a theme here?

Stamped: Kodacolor Print Made by Kodak - Jun 1960

Stamped: Kodacolor Print Made by Kodak – Jun 1960