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Wartime Valentine – Toronto Star

My husband and I spent Valentine’s weekend in Toronto. During our stay at the Royal York we were given the option of receiving complimentary editions of either the local paper, The Toronto Star, or the national paper, The Globe and Mail, delivered to our room each morning. We opted for The Star and this turned out to be a very good choice as Friday morning I was happily surprised by this article:

Wartime Valentine: Three “Happily Ever After” stories from a 1940s wedding photographer’s album

It featured Toronto wedding photographer J. Taylor Maclagan’s recently discovered studio portfolio album from the 1940s. As the article notes, beginning in the 1930s,  Maclagan was one of the first Toronto photographers to offer more than just posed wedding portraits but the whole “camera story of the day” (And of course I love a photo journalistic approach to weddings!). Maclagan received many of his referrals from Eaton’s Bridal Salon, which was the largest department store in Toronto at that time (now defunct, downtown Toronto’s Eaton Centre shopping mall still bears its name).

In a story all too familiar to, the photos in the album are largely unidentified. The Toronto Star was able to identify several couples as their photos were also printed in the paper’s society pages at the time. Stories of three couples pictured in the album were featured. Only one bride was still alive at the age of 91. Family members of others helped fill in the details of the couples lives together after they said “I do.”

J. Taylor Maclagan Album (photo credit: RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

J. Taylor Maclagan Album (photo credit: RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

J. Taylor Maclagan Album (photo credit: RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

J. Taylor Maclagan Album (photo credit: RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

J. Taylor Maclagan Album (photo credit: RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

J. Taylor Maclagan Album (photo credit: RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

More photos are available in a slideshow on the Toronto Star site. If you think you may be able to help identify them, contact the reporter Katie Daubs.


60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos – 1960s

Buzzfeed DIY did a feature this week on 60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From the 60s.

60 Photos! I had a few favorites:

#19 – This bridesmaid, her headpiece, and the expression on her face.
#19 Flickr: southbeachcars {}
source: southbeachcars via Buzzfeed


#45 – This electric couple.
#45 Flickr: ion_chibzii {}
source: ion_chibzii via Buzzfeed


#47 – This stunning Jackie Kennedy bride.
#47 Flickr: rbglasson {}
source: rbglasson via Buzzfeed


#54 The Hats!
#54 Flickr: harcourt {}
source: harcourt via Buzzfeed

They are all really worth a look!


Father of the Bride – 1940s

In this little square candid, a bride and her father make their way to the church as a group of bystanders look on. I love the scalloped edges on this print, so I decided to leave it on in the scan. The photo is unmarked but appears to be from the 1940s.

Father of the Bride - 1940s {}


Dreamy Bride – 1920s

How adorable is this dreamy young bride from the 1920s? Love her veil blowing in the breeze and somewhat heart shaped bouquet!

Dreamy Bride - 1920s {}


Car Couple – 1910s

In this unidentified photo from the 1910s, the groom is front and center in front of a car while the bride, holding her bouquet, stands off to the side.

Couple in front of a car - 1910s {}


A Little Bit of Leg! – 1940s

How fun is this bridal party from the 1940s? Bride, bridesmaids and a groomsman all showing some leg!

Showing some leg - 1940s {}


Outdoor Couple – 1920s

Another couple from the 1920s tonight. Sadly, this one is unmarked. Love that gazing ball and the cars in the background.



Johnny’s Dad & Estelle – 1924

Captioned: Johnny's Father & Mother - Oct 1924

Johnny’s Father & Mother – Oct 1924


Rice Toss – 1940s

This unknown couple from the 1940s exits to a hailstorm of rice. The guy in the background looks like he’s having a great time!



Helen & Bud – 1958

I really enjoy the perspective of this photo. Obviously, several candid shots were being taken of the cake cutting and it’s fun to see another photographer off to the right framing the shot. This picture of Helen and Bud was taken at Hamilton Air Force Base in California in 1958.

The base was closed permanently in 1976 and is now a part of the city of Novarto.

Helen + Bud H.A.F.B. Calif 1958

Helen + Bud
H.A.F.B. Calif 1958